Henry Segerstrom Memorial Fairhaven

In loving memory
Henry T. Segerstrom
1923 – 2015

Hi everyone, Elizabeth Segerstrom has asked that I pass on this note from her to you…


“As I write this, my heart is broken into a million pieces with the loss of Henry. He was the center of my life as you know.

Henry was fully himself to the end—powerfully thoughtful, endlessly active and inventive, profoundly concerned with making a difference in the world, and as joyfully engaged as ever. That charming sparkle never left his eyes. Even at this sad moment, I am comforted by the joy of so many special memories of this matchless, vibrant visionary. As time goes on, his presence will continue to resonate with each of us and throughout all that he built—the warm and caring relationships, the great enterprises, and the world-class cultural institutions that comprise Henry’s legacy to us all.

As a family, we are planning a special visitation and tribute to Henry, which will be held at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, CA on Saturday, February 28. Visitation hours are from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM.

To the end Henry was at his best when surrounded by those he loved. I sincerely hope that we can celebrate together the many ways in which he touched all of our lives.”

- Elizabeth